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Windows / Macintosh / Linux - Online Bible

This 2012 DVD is designed for use on a Windows computer but it will run under an interface called WINE on your Macintosh or Linux computer. A WINE installer for Macintosh is included on the DVD but it requires Mac OS 10.6 [Snow Leopard] or 10.7 [Lion].
The disc contains more than 30 English Bible versions including the New King James Version, The Message, The Holman Christian Standard Version, God's Word to the Nations and The English Standard Version.   

90 day no questions refund (less shipping cost).  $39.95 

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Windows / Macintosh / Linux  Program

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Macintosh Online Bible

This CD runs native on your Macintosh and contains 24 English Bible versions (plus the NIV, NAS, NRSV, NKJV and NLT on the Deluxe CD).  It also contains 10 ancient languages texts (Greek, Hebrew and Syriac), 3 sets of Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, many Dictionaries and commentaries. Although it contains less material than the Windows program it has the advantage of being designed for Mac OSX and has the look and feel of a typical Mac application.

90 day no questions refund less shipping cost.  $39.95 - $79.95

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We also distribute other collections that run under Adobe Acrobat Reader

John Gill Collection   The most complete collection of writings by John Gill ever assembled. WIN/MAC

Christian Ethics Today   Nearly 750 articles by over 250 contemporary authors  WIN/MAC

Garrett's Systematic Theology     One of the most comprehensive studies of Christian beliefs ever written  WIN/MAC

Whole Bible Classic Sermon Collection . Compiling over 4,000 sermons organized to cover every book and
chapter of the Bible, this is a must have for any pastor or Bible student. TheWhole Bible Classic Sermon Collection 
includes sermons by St. Augustine, Alexander Maclaren, Arthur Pink, Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley,
George Whitefield, and many others.

McClintock & Strong's Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature. With over 31,000 articles
this is one of the most exhaustive and respected Bible encyclopedias ever produced. This is a truly indispensable resource.

Expositor's Bible. Compiled by Sir William Robertson Nicoll, C.H., D.D., this is one of the recognized standards
of expository commentary on the Bible. It includes expositions by Adeney, Alexander, Maclaren, Plummer, Stokes,
and many others.

Biblical Illustrator Old Testament and New Testament. Originally published in 1887 by Joseph Exell, this
comprehensive collection of anecdotes, similes, emblems, illustrations, expositions, geography, history, science,
and homiletics is one of our most popular collections. It contains over 34,000 pages covering every book and
chapter of the Bible.

Charles H. Spurgeon Collection. Spurgeon is among the most read and beloved writers in Christian history.
This collection combines over 3,000 sermons from Spurgeon's years at the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit and
the Park Street Pulpit, as well as The Treasury of David and many other writings.

John Calvin Collection
. All 22 volumes of John Calvin's Commentaries can be found here, as well as many
sermons and Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, History of the Reformation in the Time of Calvin,
and much more.

Arthur Pink Collection. Pink was virtually unknown in his day, but is now one of our most popular authors.
Arthur Pink was a native of Great Britain but pastored mainly in the United States during the early 20th century,
ever striving to advance Puritan thought in a time of struggle for evangelism. The Arthur Pink Collection is the
most complete compilation of Pink's works.

John Owen Collecti on Owen wrote and sermonized extensively during the 19th century on the subjects of
Justification, Baptism, The Holy Trinity, Sin and Grace. This collection includes Owen's seven volume
Commentary on Hebrews, as well as 16 other writings.

Jonathan Edwards – Timothy Dwight Collection Jonathan Edwards is generally regarded as one of the greatest
minds in Christian thought, and one of our most requested authors. His grandson, Timothy Dwight, is also highly
regarded and considered by many to be easier to read than Edwards. The Jonathan Edwards-Timothy Dwight
Collection combines the Complete Works of Jonathan Edwards with Dwight's System of Theology.

B. H. Carroll Collection. Features the 17 volume An Interpretation of the English Bible, as well as discussions,
sketches, sermons, and pulpit messages from B. H. Carroll.

Pulpit Commentary Old Testament and New Testament, compiled by H.D.M. Spence and Joseph S. Exell.
Featuring over 22,000 pages and 95,000 entries, this verse-by-verse collection of expositions, homilies, and
histories is our most popular and requested library.

B. B. Warfield Collection This collection of systematic theology on Calvinism, Perfectionism, Christology, and
other subjects by B. B. Warfield is a valuable addition to any library.

Classic Commentary Collection. Over 60,000 pages of commentary have been assembled into this essential
collection covering every chapter and verse of the Bible. Authors include Matthew Henry, Darby, Clarke,
Barnes, JFB, Gray, Godbey, Hodge, Haldane, Robertson, Seiss, Vincent, and Keil & Delitzsch. Many works
are completely revised and updated.

Contemporary Evangelical Thought Collection. Compiled and edited by Carl F. H. Henry between 1957 and 1988,
these works shed modern evangelical thought on the timeless subjects of theology and Christian life.

Systematic Theologies. This collection features eight centures of structured systematic theology from authors
such as Aquinas, Boyce, Calvin, Dabney, Dagg, Finney, Hodge, Mullins, Shedd, Strong, and Torrey.

Classic Theological Collection. This library features 31 classic works from dogmatic theology from Chesterton,
Clarke, Deismann, Denney, Edersheim, Flavel, Hodge, Innes & Powell, Luther, Melanchton, Orr, Ramsey, Shedd,
Watson, and more.

John Bunyan Collection. Pilgrim's Progress, The Holy War, and over 70 works by and about John Bunyan -
one of history's best known authors - make up this collection.

Biblical and Church History Collection. Includes 40 indispensable histories by D'Aubigne, Edersheim, Foxe,
Gibbon, and more. It also includes 11 biographies on Christendom's most important writers including Clarke,
Finney, Luther, Moody, and others, plus 5 sermon illustration collections.

Biographical Index lists all occurences of all the  people of the Bible by noun, personal pronoun and personal name.

He Lived Among Us    The life of Jesus Christ in comic strip form viewable in many languages

Wesleyan Heritage Collection   60 Volumes of Commentary and Reference From Wesleyan/Arminian Authors. WIN only

Wesleyan Heritage Library Volume 4 Over 500 books from various Wesleyan/Arminian/Methodist writers  WIN/MAC

Thomas Coke's Commentary The original 6 volume set on 2 CDs by the founder of Wesleyan Missions  WIN/MAC

Shiloh Christian Library   600 Great Books on 3 CDs by Brethren Authors  WIN/MAC

BackRelax   Is a Portable Folding Footstool to relieve back strain in church, on a plane or in a pickup truck.

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