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Regarding Online Bible and macOS

More than 25 years ago, the late Ken Hamel, who loved his Lord and His Word, was prompted to create a Macintosh software version of the Bible. Being a Macintosh programmer he embarked on what became a long-term commitment to create quality Bible software.

Building on Larry Pierce's Windows Online Bible, Ken developed Online Bible for Mac. Its distribution is based firmly on the principle of grace not greed which, as in all areas of his life, was Kenneth's philosophy of service. Along with many others who have worked on this project, he did so with a desire to make God's Word readily available to Mac users in a form that would enhance their Bible study.

Probably the one thing that most amazes those who knew him personally, is the tremendous effort he had gone through during the last two years of his life to develop the Universal application of Online Bible for Mac, considering the debilitating health problems and pain he was suffering. Just as the work was being completed, he was able to pass the torch to us who are blessed with the privilege of carrying on his vision and ministry.

We have been able to support and update this native Mac version since taking over in 2009 but unfortunately the file structure and programming it was built on has gradually received less support as Apple continues to update the Mac-OS. By the release of High Sierra we have had serious problems, in particular with the new Apple File System (APFS) that has been forced on computers having Solid State Hard Drives. This, along with Apple choosing to no longer maintain OS compatibility with applications that were developed for 32 bit operating systems, means that the Online Bible app that we have been able to maintain for 25 years will become less stable and eventually unusable.

Unfortunately we will not be able to do the complete rewrite required to build a new application for Apple's vision of Macintosh app development.

But God's Word is not reliant on the efforts and abilities of one person or group.

Although it is always difficult to change from an old comfortable application (my go-to word processor is 22 years old), there are many other options for Mac users now available. There are a number of web based Bible Reader apps but not as many Bible Study options. Some Bible Study apps that have been recommended are Accordance, Blue Letter Bible, Logos and Olive Tree. Depending on your needs and budget you could consider one of these.

Many Mac users who are comfortable with a Windows look and feel are using our Windows Online Bible DVD which has much more material than our Mac CD. It runs under a WINE emulator that we have included on the DVD.  It also runs well in virtual machines such as Parallels, Virtual Box or Fusion,  Check it out at http://www.onlinebible.us/winonlinebible.html. If you go this route, we can convert any personal notes you have created using the Online Bible for the Mac to a format recognized by the Online Bible for Windows. Just email a compressed copy of your personal notes folder to Dave Pohl (davidpohl@gmail.com) and we’ll email you a converted copy of the notes in a couple days.

The newest alternative is a Mac app that has been developed by our European distributors based on their previous iOS and Android apps. This is available by downloading directly from the Mac App store into your iMac. It has a new look and feel different from either of our previous desktop versions of Online Bible but more in line with Apple's development guidelines. The free Starter Pack is easily downloaded from the App store by searching for Online Bible (or looking through the Reference section of the store). Once you have installed the Starter Pack you can download more free and paid modules.

One major capability that they have is an Advanced Function ($24.99 US or $34.99 CA) that will allow you to copy all of the material from our Windows DVD to your Mac which will give you an enormous library that has not been available previously on a Mac. This function works for Mac OS and Android but not iOS tablets or phones. Of course you also need the Windows DVD (which has an extra cost) to take advantage of this function.

DVD Installation on an Macintosh Computer using our WINE emulator

Insert your Windows Online Bible DVD into the drive.
Double click the disc icon to open the DVD.
Double click on OnlineBibleWrapper2Install.dmg
Drag and drop the OnlineBibleWrapper icon to the Applications icon as indicated by the large yellow arrow. You may close the window containing the large yellow arrow.
Click on Go in the Finder menu and select Applications Drag and drop the OnlineBibleWrapper icon into the Dock along the bottom of your desktop. You may close the Applications window.
Find the Online Bible Install virtual dmg drive on your desktop and Eject it. (If you do not do this the installation may fail.)
Drag and drop the file "setup.exe" from the DVD to the OnlineBibleWrapper in the Dock.
The installation and configuration of the Online Bible software will then start. After Online Bible is installed you may Eject the DVD disc.
To close the Online Bible click File>Exit. This will preserve your settings for when you start Online Bible again.
To relaunch Online Bible, click on the OnlineBibleWrapper in the dock and Online Bible will appear in a few seconds.

Here are asome suggestions from other Mac users trying to solve macOS problems.


To resolve error message "Unidentified Developer"
Go to the Apple Menu (top left corner of your screen)
System Preferences
Security & Privacy
Open Anyway


To use the Windows DVD I have considered Parallels and VMWare which are too expensive and Virtual Box which is free but very hard to install and use.

You could also create a virtual machine for The operation system.

Thus allowing you to use the current OS but use the Macintosh Online Bible on a previous operating system.


Thanks for the update, David. Of course there is disappointment in being unable to use this fabulous program.

It has been my bread and butter for over 20 years. I look forward to your updates.

I will probably create a partition and put El Capitan back on that with the Online Bible. That will be a good fix for me.

Yes, the doing a partition is fairly easy, but I decided the easier way was...

Went and bought a zip drive. A 32 gb would be enough, but Costco has a 256 gb for $39. Amazon has 32gb drives for $10 and 64 gb for $15.

Then I installed El Capitan on the drive along with the Online Bible.

Then you just start up holding the option key or choose "startup disk" in system preferences. Works great. Gives me my bible study and Safari for internet searches.

Hope that helps. That is my solution for now.