Our 2021 Windows Online Bible is designed for use on a Windows XP through 10 computer as well as Ubuntu Linux and Macintosh (under an emulator that is included)

The disc contains more than 30 English Bible versions including the New King James Version, The Message, The Holman Christian Standard Version, God's Word to the Nations and The English Standard Version. Also included on this disc at no extra charge is the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, the Alexander Scourby narration of the whole Bible and All of Spurgeon's sermons most of which we have modernized and footnoted.

90 day no questions refund (less shipping cost).  $39.95  

The DVD also has a Macintosh (WINE) installer included that will allow you to use all our Windows modules on a computer running Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) or higher. The CDs in our Macintosh section have the traditional Macintosh look and feel but do not have as much  material as the Windows DVD. Before purchasing the DVD for your Mac, please click this link to download the Macintosh Unicode Starter Pack and test it on your system. http://onlinebible.us/wine.html

The DVD contains more than 30 English Bible versions including the New King James Version, The Message, The Holman Christian Standard Version, God's Word to the Nations and The English Standard Version that are ready to use. 

In addition to all  the material that is ready to use on the DVD there are several versions that require royalty payment to unlock, notably NIV, NAS, NRSV, NLT, and the Amplified Bible.    

Through a special agreement, The Alexander Scourby narration of the King James Version is now included on the DVD with no royalty payment required.

The following royalty translations are included prepaid on our DVD:

Also included are 10 ancient language texts (Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Syriac), 3 sets of Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, 20 Dictionaries, 45 commentaries and more than 300 Devotional, Theological, Historical and Creationist books and a set of Bible maps. Click here for a full list of the English material

 The DVD also contains material in 35 other modern languages.  More than 400 Books, Bible versions, Commentaries,  Maps and Lexicons are included. Click here for a list

If you would like to order a copy of Online Bible for yourself or for a gift, please go to our secure order site through the link at the top of this page.

Part of our mission over the years has been to support full time overseas missionaries with low cost copies of the Online Bible (sorry but we don't have the resources to include North American workers). Missionaries may receive a copy of The Online Bible DVD at a cost of $10 US including shipping anywhere. When  on line, you can go to our missionary page to place an order but be sure to mention your mission organization and in what field you are serving in the comment window.

The Online Bible has been designed to function with leading screen readers for the visually impaired.

Although almost all the material on this page is unlocked and ready to use on the DVD, a few modules have a royalty that must be paid in order to access them.  We have made some of these available to download but they will remain locked on your computer until you go to the secure order site through the link at the top of this page to pay the royalty and receive an unlock code.

If you are downloading a locked version, you must first have the program installed.  Please read the instructions in the Locked Bible Version section of this page.

There is no obligation to register or pay for any of this material other than the royalty versions.  If you wish to update your Online Bible, or try the program for the first time, please feel free to download from this page. You will need at least the program and a Scripture module.

For easy setup, we recommend that you first download and install the Starter Pack which will give you the basic program. You must have this on your computer before installing further modules.

After downloading a new module to your hard drive double click the new download to cause it to self-install.


  Locked Bible Versions These Bibles Require a Royalty Payment to obtain the unlock code. 

  Click here to Read and Print our Help Page

We are pleased to offer free support for the Online Bible but many of the questions asked by our users are  answered on this help page and  the printed answers are easier to understand than verbal instructions. 

  For your convenience and for our sanity, please print the help page before downloading these locked files.    If you are still having problems, there will, of course, be no charge for support.

  You must have the Online Bible installed on your computer to add these modules.

New International Version $15 Royalty Only on DVD
New American Standard Version 1977 & 1995 $15 Royalty Only on DVD
Amplified Bible $15 Royalty Only on DVD
New Revised Standard Version  $5 Royalty download
New Living Translation  $5 Royalty download
New King James Version -   This is prepaid on the DVD Only on DVD
English Standard Version - This is prepaid on the DVD Only on DVD
Holman Christian Standard Bible - This is prepaid on the DVD Only on DVD
Peterson's The Message - This is prepaid on the DVD Only on DVD
Spanish Reina Valera Revisada 1960  $5 Royalty download
Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament.  $10 Royalty  download
Complete Jewish Bible  $20 Royalty download
What the Bible Teaches - New Testament Commentaries  $20 Royalty  download
Jewish Publication Society Old Testament 1917  $15 Royalty download
Emphasized Bible by J.B. Rotherham 1902 $15 Royalty download
LXXE Septuagint in English  $15 Royalty download
 English Bibles
You must have the Online Bible loaded on the computer to add these modules.
Authorized King James Version 1769 with Strongs numbers  download
Oxford Apocrypha download
Revised Version Apocrypha download
Webster Edition of the King James Version 1833 download
Douay Rheims 1899 download
Douay Rheims Apocrypha 1899 download
Weymouth New Testament 1912 download
J. N. Darby Version download
Bible in Basic English 1965 download
Revised Webster Edition 1995 download
American Standard Version download
Young's Literal Translation  download
 Ancient Texts - These downloads are only for Version 4.00 - Unicode
Interlinear Greek-English New Testament download
Byzantine Majority Greek text Updated 1991 download
Textus Receptus with Strong's numbers 1550/1894 download
Westcott-Hort with variant readings from the UBS 3-4/Nestle 26-27  1881 download
Jerome's Septuagint in Greek download
Septuagint apocrypha download
Biblia Hebraica Morphological text download
Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia text download
Peshitta Syriac New Testament download
Jerome's Latin Vulgate download
 Free Notes and Commentaries
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Cross References and Commentary  download
Geneva Bible Notes 1599 download
Scofield Reference Bible Notes 1917 download
Barnes New Testament Notes download
B.W. Johnson Peoples New Testament Commentary  download
C.H. Spurgeon's Treasury of David - Commentary on the Psalms  download
Eclectic Notes (Ge, Ex, Mt, Ro)  download
The Fourfold Gospel  download
Family New Testament Notes  download
Jamieson, Fausset, Brown Commentary download
Matthew Henry Concise Commentary  download
Robertson's Word Pictures on the New Testament download
 Lexicons and Dictionaries 
Greek - English Lexicon linked to Strong's numbers download
Hebrew - English Lexicon linked to Strong's numbers download
Strong's Original Greek Lexicons download
Strong's Original Hebrew Lexicons download
Revised Easton's Bible Dictionary  download
Bibles in Other Languages  
Dutch Statenvertaling met Strongs  
Dutch Leidse Vertaling. 1912/1994 download
Dutch Lutherese Vertaling. 1750/1933/1994 download
German Luther 1912 mit Strongs nummern  
German Revidierte Luther 1984  
German Unrevidierte Elberfelder 1871 download
German Schlachter 1951 download
German Bengel NT 1974  
French 1910 Louis Segond avec Strongs  download
French 1991 Darby download
Bible en Créole download
Ukrainian Bible Text  
Russian Synodal Bible Text with Strongs numbering 1956   
Spanish Reina Valeira Bible 1909   
Spanish Reina Valera Actualizada 1989 download
Spanish Sagradas Escrituras Version Antiqua  download
Spanish Reina Valera Revisada 1960  ($5 US) Royalty
Portuguese (BRP) Bible text  
Italian Diodati Version 1649 download
Italian Riveduta Version 1927 download
Italian Nuova Riveduta 1994  
Albanian Bible download
Romanian Bible   
Norwegian Bible   
Swedish Bible 1917   
Finnish Bible  
Danish Bible download
Hungarian Bible  download
Turkish New Testament download
Vietnamese Bible  download
Philippines Cebuano Bible  download
Indonesian Alkitab Terjemahan Baru download
Indonesian Bahasa Sehari-hari download
Equadorian Shuar New Testament download
Swahili New Testament download
Chinese Bible module (needs Chinese Windows) download
Arabic Bible (needs Arabic Windows)  download
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